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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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completely transpolymered partly because of the marsh. and it seems irresponsible with the mixture and efg in the neighborhood independently and locally owned. [bell ripping] president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioner. i am reading on behalf of a student who had to leave ely to attend the classes at the marsh. >> we are next to the few performing arts and when it has severely cut back and payment is on a sliding scale and nobody is turned away for lack of fund. the 10-year-old program now has
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200 citywide participant and reaches children and starting with aerial flying classes forked to lers and concluding with local public schools and the program is designed to build the children's skills from the ground up. ebbing posing the students to a vast world of multicultural art. >> it is for everyone. and i share the concerns about the proposed new building and would like to point out whereas the plan states that most of the shows take place at night, this is simply not true. the marsh presents events seven days a week between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and this includes 400 shows on two stages, daily classes for youth and adults and a box office cafe al open daily. we have two different shows a day, and at 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.
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and 8:00 p.m. most of the performanceses, rehearsals and classes take place during the daylight hour. it is my understanding that the building will provide no parking for the residents even though we have been told it is estimated to generate the need for 34 new parking spots. finally, i live four blockses away and it's crowded, slow, and skrech chi and dangerous and is four blocks away uphill. we all love the bicycle lanes but can be dangerous in the city and is not for everyone. one of our technical directors was seriously hurt on the street by the theater. parking is already a problem in the area. the marsh's clientele often comes by car, although we encourage the use of public transportation. the reason for the this are vary
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and some shows are demographically older or in some cases younger than others and are sometimes late. public transportation is unreliable and not immediately available. parking difficulties are one of the main complaints we receive. with an entire building next door without a parking spot between them and a large restaurant. the problem can only worsen and may discourage some patrons from attending our theater. [bell ringing] president miguel: thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm a performer at the theater. as a performer, i would like to
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make the point that i get most my audience from the east bay. looking at the demographics of most the theater audience members. they are older, particularly those coming in during the evening. the traffic congestion is pretty dense. parking is at a premium. i am concerned about the fact that we have a 16-unit proposal with no additional parking at a time when parking is problematic as it is. we need to keep things as comfortable and convenient for the honest numbers that come in that bring in revenue to the area. we need to make sure that the safety of the area is maintained
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and that there is not a level of congestion. we have a nationally recognized theater that is fragile. we are doing everything we can see be able to provide the kind of educational opportunities. this is a very fragile membrane. >> thank you for your time today. i am a writer, director, and
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performer at the theater. as a director working with people during the day, disruption for 18 months would be pretty significant. the theater arts are largely significant. later standing is that the plan for this 55 foot building has a rooftop patio. it could be very noisy during performances at night. many things have been set by many people. i think you for listening to our concerns.
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>> hello, i am a native san franciscan. this has been one of the few theaters that provided a stage for the telling of their stories and therefore an audience. this is an audience that takes a car and.
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>> our backers are along the city and the country. >> good afternoon, commission. i live on hill street about 100 feet from the building. this is a modern version of a stark photograph.
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this would have an effect on the historic neighborhood character. we have dealt with problems such as parking, crime, irresponsible development. in the party debt is a
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neighborhood problem. neighborhood residents have been complaining for years. then there is a question with parking. many areas that are available are filled on a rotating basis to the college campus that is a block away. i would like to say that i object to the proposed project on the corner and i am not against the development but i like sensible development, one that will enhance our neighborhood. >> thank you. >> 5 very much appreciate the commission's report but i think
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there are serious flaws that need to be addressed. i asked you not to approve the motion today. this will be mitigated by the department's suggestions. having this massive the scale building will serve to enhance the size and further downplayed the historic nature of our street. this project will tower three blocks -- 3 stores higher than
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the other buildings. this ignores the facts and picks and chooses what context to use to assess the buildings appropriateness. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, i have lived in the neighborhood since 1979. we finally had a discussion last tuesday to know the rationale of the department.
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it seemed obvious to us that the entire block of valencia's street is lined with the victorian and edwardian buildings. we were kind of alarm that to the explanation. this is the block. this has many intact buildings. the southern end it is mostly edwardian and 1920's. this sort of forms and cluster. this is the banquette castro and 18th. -- this is the bank at castro and 18th.
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this is very popular but a little bit new york but still quite old. we thought when we established this neighborhood that buildings that had been somewhat altered but were otherwise intact were considered potential historically resources. in the last 25 years there has been a change. if there are any alterations, this registers as blank. we thought you could approach by 22nd street but to there are too many altered buildings. we thought you could come down from liberty street.
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we ask why they carefully showed the storefront which has been altered, literally every last one of them. what is directly above it is very clearly a high-end victoria building. i looked it up. in fact, it cost to $30,000 for the three killings. that was astronomic at that time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners. in my view, the declaration fails to understand the historic nature of this project. the overall scale of this project is compatible with the surrounding architectural pattern and that is just not true. of everything on the spot is one, too, or three stories tall. this building is five stories. this is far larger than the surrounding buildings. these are blocks away and not adjacent. furthermore, the survey as highlighted is itself highly historic. for example, directly across valencia st. are well-deserved victorian buildings. these were part of the commercial district of supported the residential area and this is not discuss the impact on this
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work of building. furthermore, they have template is the impact that this will have on the street. this ignores the fact that these are all the same scale and mass as the other residential buildings. the proposed project would put a huge facade on the street. this will dominate the historic district. this new building will become the future of the street. this was some kind of the committee separated but this is not the case. liberty hill was a symbol community.
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in each, the project would more definitively terminate the historic boundary. would it means is that this would be walled off from valencia street and from all of the historically complementary buildings on valencia's street. this proposed building would dominate those of the historic commercial district. this was not addressing the infirm and the impact that will be at a neighborhood. please reject it.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon. as an engineer, one is talked to -- many of the judgments are subjected and often using previously adjusted analyses. concern number12, traffic. this is presented on the amount pollution anticipated from the cars circling. there is reference made to the
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spread sheets. they lack data as well. the statement that new twice as large restaurants. the concern number14, shatters. shatters the cover a half block are not insignificant. they need more heating -- houses under a shadow need a more heating. the lack of supporting data it is disturbing enough in its own right however the - and our mental impact is further
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exacerbated by the combined impact of similar developments. the evaluation must consider future will projects. these and other failures to factually identify and quantify the - in terminal effects of this project and similar developments like it demonstrate the public cannot be honestly served without a full environmental impact report. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here today because this building has serious flaws that have not been adequately addressed.
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i can tell you that the lack of parking is mitigated by public transportation is not true. my bike is mine primary source of transportation but i also have a car. on weekends and -- i don't know who we are kidding by saying that transportation is great. there is already more demand for parking. there is a seven-year wait list for a monthly spot. i disagree with the planning department's analysis of the situation and i think that it needs more scientific and
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unbiased assessment. thank you. >> . >> good afternoon. i've been a resident of san francisco for 40 years. several years ago i had an accident on my bike that left me with a metal plate. the nearest handicapped parking a block away, this proposed 16 units, five story monster will
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be run across the street from me. parking is hardly a problem. between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., people are coming on or into the neighborhood, parking is almost impossible. this building to select other large multipurpose buildings does not have any parking. it will only increase congestion and noise as more cars from the neighborhood looking for parking. this is a quiet neighborhood. this building is out of place. please to not allow this project to go forward. commissioners, how can you nestle a five story, 16 unit
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with and in large restaurant building a month scriptoriums and say there is no interminable negative impact. this is insulting. thank you. >> i live with my husband and daughter on our home on hill street. on the end of our blog is the site in question. we support the statements of our neighbors to the opposition of the project as designed. my own statement here is that we are honored to own a beautiful victorian home on a beautiful street and consider ourselves to be stewards of the treasure. as you consider the plan in
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question, we urge you to who look closely at this. these can only be integrated possibly with the change the codes this. the proposed property plan does not protect or integrate the liberty hill's historic district. my neighbor outline specific ways that this is true. thank you very much for your attention and consideration. >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, my name is barbara russell, a miami native san franciscan.
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i've spent most of my life here or just half a block away. i enjoy life here. i raised my son here. rooftop living areas are foreign to me. there are only a few in the area and neighbors have found them unacceptable. this is a new way to live but i do have questions. this is 8 or nine months out of the year. this is a family-friendly building. can i take an active-t rolled and play on a rooftop to. where does the dog go to eliminate? how many families continue this at the same time if there are 16 apartments, can 10 to 12 use
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this at the same hour? where do i put my barbecue? how many can i line up? i am sorry, this is foreign. i feel it is out of place. foreign to a way of life i have to enjoy with my family and friends on the block and that i've enjoyed for all of these years. at the same kind of building in san francisco and twin peaks. this is a building that has 2,000 ft decks. i have not had anyone apply with a family ever my building is twice the floor plan of that proposed. if i want to add another story,
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i would like get to the absence from my neighbors. this would be seen as an excuse to break the law. where they have used these buildings, it would be clear that the idea of children playing and running on my five- story roof would be an unnerving proposition and unsafe. i would be rejected and that would be the end of it. >> thank you. >> i am a resident, a business owner, and a property owner directly across the street from the proposed construction.


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